Chapter & Verse

I am the editor of the Cape Times books pages, which appear every Friday. On the last Friday of each month I write a column entitled Chapter & Verse in which I reflect on the books that made an impression on me that month. Here’s where you’ll find links where the old ones appear on the BookSA blog, and where you’ll find links to the blog posts of newer columns.

In which I:


Can a literary recounting of warstop the wholesale murder?

Consider the burning of books and Edmund de Waal’s The Hare With Amber Eyes

Figure out where I get the time to read so much

Look forward to some movies based on books

Wish a hopelessly hopeful wish

Explain why I don’t like crime fiction

Muse on fiction versus non-fiction

Read my first e-book

Wonder why we read upsetting thing

Make a case for a well-edited book

Come across violent things in writing

Let go of some beloved books

Consider how people arrange their shelves

Find looking books – rather than reading books – to love