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Karin Schimke

It’s hard to be kind about a book which is unapologetically biased. In this case, a thoroughly researched book has produced a phenomenally interesting set of lists apparently based on the grossly erroneous assumption that the entire human race is made up of men.

“Every man needs his top ten,” he says and, in a nod to the inconvenient fact that women exist adds: “Women love lists too, but their lists tend to cover the vital stuff that keeps the world turning, allowing us to sit back and ponder computer games and cheese.” All of which might be acceptable if there were actually women on the hundred or so lists. They’re not.

It’s full of fascinating facts, interesting – believe it or not – to women too. But there are other lovely list books around that are far less blatantly ridiculous in their view that it’s a man’s world.

  • This review first appeared in the Cape Times in November 2014.

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