QUICK REVIEW: Things A Little Bird Told Me: Confessions Of A Creative Mind

Things a little birdThings A Little Bird Told Me: Confessions Of A Creative Mind

Biz Stone


ISBN-13: 9781478927754

REVIEW BY: Mvelase Peppetta

One can’t deny that “Things A Little Bird Told Me,” is a fascinating read. How can one not be curious about the back-story of how an idea to send out 140 character-long messages turned into a global and cultural behemoth that’s been lauded with everything from toppling decades old dictatorships (whether correctly or incorrectly), to filling our days with the inanities of what our “friends” are doing. Oh, and of course becoming a company worth billions on the side.

Of less interest to me were Stone’s trite business lessons for would-be entrepreneurs – or “confessions of a creative mind” as he’s termed them – gleaned from his unique set of circumstances. While there is certainly a market for this, I’m not it. The relative scarcity of these lessons, however, did not ultimately detract from my overall enjoyment of his story.

  • This review first appeared in the Cape Times in October 2014.

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