QUICK REVIEW: Reflections


Heinrich van den Berg

HPH Publishing

From the lion’s eye that coruscates on the front cover, to the final vivid double-page photographs of colourful birds in colourful surroundings, there is not a single page that doesn’t surprise the viewer, nor a single dud photograph in this spectacular coffee table book.

These wildlife photographs move from black and white through intensifying shades to arrive finally at vivid colour – an interesting and arresting choice of arrangement which succeeds spectacularly because of the intrinsic drama in the progression.Reflection inside 3D

Van den Berg’s eye for detail and composition, an ability to exploit light to luminescence and a natural understanding how the theatrical in nature can best be captured to share with a wide audience, make this a breath-taking book.

The accompanying text, however, is distracting. Where one expects information on species and geography, we get obscure philosophical ponderings that detract from the very intimate impact each sensational photograph makes. – Karin Schimke

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