QUICK REVIEW: From Courtrooms to Cupcakes

courtrooms cupcakesFrom Courtrooms to Cupcakes

Niki Malherbe


Niki Malherbe’s warts-and-all mommy-memoir recounts the vagaries of her experience of upper middle class motherhood. All the clichés are there – career woman (she’s a qualified tax attorney) turned full-time parent of four, struggling with self-actualisation issues, anecdotes about breast milk leaking onto silk blouses at work, conversations with kids about sex, their charming insights about life and so on.

For all that, the book is sweet, introspective, witty and insightful. Malherbe comes across as a fun yet passionate and committed parent to her four spirited sprogs.

It’s easy to dip into, and is the kind of text that will certainly comfort those new to the game of mothering, while making the veterans nod knowingly. Malherbe addresses the “crisis of self” which hits most women with sensitivity despite a tad too much navel gazing. Perfect for those who liked Eat, Pray, Love. – Kayang Gagiano

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