QUICK REVIEW: Easy Walks in the Cape Peninsula

Easy WalksEasy Walks in the Cape Peninsula

Mike Lundy


ISBN: 9781920545666

Karin Schimke

When a book is in its seventh edition and ninth impression, it hardly needs reviewing, but it’s worth noting this updated and revised edition of Lundy’s guide to easy walks around the Mother City.

The reason one needs a Lundy guide tucked into the pocket behind the driver’s seat for easy access is because he has a keen understanding of what the prospective walker needs to know in order to have his or her small daily or weekly slice of the mountain. There’s no faffing around with unnecessary information.

There are 14 general areas to choose from, each with between two and eight possible walks to do. Lundy describes the walk, where to park and where to start walking, directions and points of interest along the way. The walks were chosen for particular points of interests like views, caves and waterfalls.

  • This review first appeared in the Cape Times in November 2014


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