QUICK REVIEW: Dancing To The Beat Of The Drum

DancingDancing To The Beat Of The Drum

Pamela Nomvete


ISBN: 9780795706875

Mvelase Peppetta

The tale of a star’s rise and ultimate fall due to drugs, alcohol, and any other variety of maladies, may not be new, but it’s always fascinating.

Pamela Nomvete’s autobiography neatly fits into this genre and pulls you into the crazy world of late-90s early-2000s celebrity Johannesburg. As with all celebrity autobiographies, it titillates with backstage gossip and innocently told, but ultimately snide, asides on other celebrities.

What is of particular worth with Nomvete’s book is the clear sense that this was her story, written by her. Unlike many other celebrity “autobiographies”, Nomvete’s book lacks the polish given to these works through a collaboration with a professional writer.

While some may find this problematic, I found this plainness refreshing and a more honest way to tell a tale that is at times harrowing and painful to read, but ultimately uplifting.

  • This review first appeared in the Cape Times in November 2014.

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